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XinChen Casters & Wheels Manufacturing Company. China Supplier, Manufacturer and exporter of PU casters, PU wheels, polyurethane caster wheels, nylon casters, rubber casters, plastic casters, light duty casters, medium duty casters, heavy duty caster wheels, for furniture, chair, medical, trolley, shopping cart, industry.
The XinChen is known for its speed, precision and presence. At our Enterprises, those are the same qualities we strive for every day. For more than a quarter of a century, we have built our reputation by producing Caster wheels, Pu wheels and relative injection parts. Beyond of this we are also have full experience on precision metal stampings, intricate fabrication, and quality tools and dies. From concept to manufacturing, our consistent performace and attention to detail is legendary.
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Rubber Caster Wheel
Trolley Caster Wheel
Heavy Duty Caster Wheel
Stainless Steel Caster Wheel
Machine Caster Wheel
Medical Caster Wheel
scaffold caster wheels
Heat resistant caster wheels
Hospital Casters wheels
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